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The ERS Library Staff is currently investigating new content for the ERS Portals (Teacher, Kids & Teen). If you haven't already completed this survey, your input would be greatly appreciated as we are focused on finding resources that support your curriculum and enrich your classroom.
Survey Link

Final ERS Library Delivery/Pickup Dates for 2017-18

      Tuesday Route   June 5
     Wednesday Route  June 6
     Thursday 1 & 2 Routes  June 7

If you have not requested a pickup of any checked out items by Monday, June 4th (or the Monday prior to your last day of school...whichever is sooner) these items will become your responsibility to return directly to the ERS Library.
                                  Click here to request a PICKUP.

If you plan to use ERS Library materials with a summer school class, we are happy to deliver items to you before these dates and ask that you return everything to the ERS Library by mid-July. 

Are you interested in adding a few Professional Development (PD) titles to your summer reading list? If so, check out what the ERS Library’s Professional Development collection has to offer.

The PD section of the ERS Library has over 550+ titles covering topics like:  creating a MakerSpace at your site, teaching the iGeneration, English Language Learner instructional strategies, differentiated classrooms, teaching nonfiction reading/writing, developing literacy work stations, vocabulary building strategies, making sense of mathematics, critical thinking skills and more.

To view the ERS Library’s Professional Development collection online:

     1. Log into your ERS Portal account at
     2. Click on the Follett Destiny Link
     3. On the Catalog tab, change both the Interest Level dropdowns to Professional
     4. Click in the Find bar, then press the Enter key

If you request these items be delivered to your site before May 31, we are happy to set their due date(s) to mid-August 2018 and pick them up from your site once school is in session again.

You are ALWAYS welcome to browse the ERS Library collection in person. Our Summer hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday. The ERS Library is located at 7000 W. Doe Avenue, Suite A in Visalia, CA 93291.

If you would like a member of our staff to help you choose a title for your
Summer of Learning, please email or call (559) 651-3031 and ask to speak with a Library Media Technician.

    Summer Reading List
Printables from ALSC/ALA
        Birth - 8th Grade
            (click each to view)

These lists are full of book titles to keep children engaged in reading throughout the summer. Four Summer Reading book lists are available for Birth-Preschool and grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.
Each list is available to download for free by clicking the images above, and can be customized to include call numbers, library address, summer hours, and information about summer reading programs for children before making copies available to schools and patrons.
Titles on the 2018 Summer Reading Lists were compiled and annotated by members of ALSC’s Quicklists Consulting Committee

Good News for all California K-12 schools!

The California State Library, with help from the California Department of Education, is making three K-12 online resources available to schools and libraries at no charge. View the announcement from Tom Torlakson.

The resources the state has purchased include:
· ProQuest suite of digital resources
            CultureGrams, eLibrary, ProQuest Central Student, SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Issues, Researcher, Research Companion, and
            Schools & Educators Complete.

· Britannica Online Encyclopedia (English & Spanish)

This is a fantastic opportunity for our educators and students. The ERS Library staff is doubly excited about this as it allows us to pursue new premium digital content for the ERS Portal. To this end, we want to hear from YOU on the types of resources that will best serve you and your students. Please complete this short survey to share your thoughts.

The CDE’s Annual
School Library Survey

is now open for the
2016-2017 reporting period.

Education Code Section 18122 directs local governing boards to report to the California Department of Education (CDE) on the condition
of school libraries.
CDE created this online data collection survey to meet the Education Code requirement and to develop an accurate picture of the condition of school libraries across
the state.” ~CDE Website

School library staff, or designated school personnel, are encouraged to complete the survey by:
June 15, 2018.
The Password is @YourLibrary

If you need assistance or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Debra Lockwood, Library Media Supervisor, TCOE's ERS Library.

   For District/School Library Staff:

"Makers" are designers, inventors, artists, & builders. Anyone can be a maker. Kids don't need fancy tools. They don't need a special workshop. All they need is to be creative & up for an adventure. Makerspace Projects books--filled with fun projects, photographic step-by-step instructions, & fascinating mini-science lessons--can show them how.

Interest Level: K - 3rd



Do you like to tinker with things and complete do-it-yourself projects? Are you always thinking of ideas for new inventions? Then you might be a maker! In this creative new series, readers find out how to build a variety of exciting projects, from robots to rockets. They'll also learn about some of history's greatest inventors and innovators, and get a closer look at important STEM concepts. Includes sidebars--and the Find the Truth feature starts each book with two statements, one true and one false, which begins the inquiry process by engaging readers to think proactively.

 Interest Level: 3rd - 6th


Anyone can create a makerspace. This is the guide to creating a GREAT makerspace. Written by makerspace pioneer Laura Fleming, The Kickstart Guide to Making GREAT Makerspaces is filled with step-by-step, practical ideas that demystify the process of planning and creating a makerspace. Its workbook style ensures that by the time educators are done reading, they have a ready-to-implement plan, personalized for their classroom, school, or district. 


 Interest Level: Adult


With the 2017-18 school year coming to a close, it’s a great time to encourage your students to get into summer reading. Students who self-select what they read are more likely to finish a book. Encourage your students to select books that interest them at their independent reading levels. Our student portals offer online animated audiobooks, chapter ebooks, quizzes and games. For grades K-6 we have TumbleBook Library and for grades 7-12 we have TumbleReadables via the TumbleBook Cloud. Students can access their grade level appropriate resource by logging in to the Kids Portal or Teen Portal with their school site's designated Student UserID & password. Please contact us if you need assistance with the student login for your site. 

SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+. Returning April 26,  SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week - pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes. Sign up for email or text alerts and be first to know when new titles are available to download at

Click here for an overview of titles being offered this summer.

                                                                                                                      by Nathan Wills, Library Media Technician

Exciting new databases available in the ERS Portal fall of 2018 compliments of the California State Library.

The ERS library staff is really excited about the databases that the State Library is making available to every public school in California at no charge! Below you’ll find brief descriptions on four of the seven ProQuest resources that will be available to teachers and students fall of 2018.

CultureGrams: A leading reference for concise and reliable cultural information on the countries of the world, this resource provides country reports (with related multimedia collections) that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world’s people.

Schools & Educators CompleteThis growing database, already over 12,000 titles strong, offers ebooks in multiple subject areas, including English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, and Information Literacy/Technology.

Research CompanionAligned to both ACRL Information Literacy and Common Core English Language Arts standards, Research Companion guides students step-by-step through the research process and helps develop critical thinking and information literacy skills.

SIRS Issues Researcher: This curriculum-aligned database provides a variety of international sources, images, statistics, charts and maps to help students understand, evaluate, and form opinions on over 350 complex issues. Target audience: middle and high school age students.

More information to follow this fall!

                                                                                  by Steve Woods, Instructional Technology Specialist  Augment your classroom reality with Quiver

Want to introduce your students to the concept of Augmented Reality? Quiver Vision can help, using something as simple and easy as coloring crayons or markers, and paper! Quiver Vision provides a suite of freely downloadable coloring sheets on a variety of educational subjects, including Science and History.

Provide crayons or markers, and let your students determine what colors they’d like to use. Or, if they’re coloring the animal or plant cell Quiver page, ask your students to do a little research, and copy the color representations they find online. Once they’re done coloring, the fun begins...

Quiver is a free app, available for both Apple and Android portable devices. After you download Quiver, point the device’s camera at a colored Quiver page, so that the QR code is seen. If the page isn’t part of Quiver’s library on your mobile device, it will automatically download that page to your device.

Once the page is downloaded, voila! A 3-dimensional representation of the image is shown, in full color based entirely on the colors your student has chosen.

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