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The ERS Library & Multimedia Center offers its FREE CheckThisOut! service to our Library Media Services contracted sites; all staff members at these locations are invited to participate annually. Participants will receive up to 8 monthly CheckThisOut! kits containing materials selected from our circulating collection such as: fiction/non-fiction books, graphic novels, book kits (8-30 copies of same title), DVDs, art prints, puppets, big books, Professional Development titles, realia kits, online content, and more. Our 2018-19 kit size options include: 4-6 items, 8-10 items, or "Class Library" which is a selection of 30 assorted fiction & non-fiction books that correlate with both the grade level and class reading level range that you request.

Click the CheckThisOut! banner above to learn more about this innovative service, discover why your fellow educators love it, and sign up to try it for yourself!

                             Happy October!

Login to the ERS portal for access to the CA State Library’s online Databases--Britannica, ProQuest & Teaching Books. Below are a few ideas for using the databases to support events happening during the month of October.

Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 23-31 

This year’s theme is “
Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free.” 
ProQuest’s SIRS Issues Researcher is a good database to explore drug issues in our society. The results for a search for “drugs” in eLibrary (also by ProQuest) include transcripts for radio shows like NPR’s All Things Considered, and congressional hearings, making this a strong resource for primary sources on the topic.

High School teachers, bring the Master of Horror to your school! TeachingBooks has several links to interviews with Stephen King, both in video and print formats. For the younger set, you can also find on TeachingBooks “Meet-the-Author Book Readings” with R.L. Stine - a perfect way to leverage the movie release of Goosebumps 2 next week!​ Harness the browsing power of TeachingBooks to search its “Horror” category and select a grade level range. Access Mary Ann Hoberman’s Very Short Scary Tales to Read Together, or Kristyn Crow’s Zombelina for younger students.

Filipino Heritage Month
Do you want to continue diversifying your collection, in the spirit of books being a mirror and a window? TeachingBooks can help identify books that include characters with Filipino heritage, ProQuest eLibrary includes Laura Rubio’s 2017 “NY-Untraditional Thanksgivings” which includes a Filipino meal for the holiday, as well as the interviewee’s opinion on how to mix two cultural heritages.

On the topic of Cultures…ProQuest’s CultureGrams can help your students discover states that are linked to the space industry, like Alabama’s Space Camp, or American space suits being made in Delaware, or that the Cosmosphere and Space Center is located in Hutchinson, Kansas. The World Edition will allow older students to do the same at an international level.  

Also by ProQuest,
SIRS Discoverer can help you gather resources to use 
with students, as they have an Astronomy & Space subtopic under “Science.” As resources span newspapers, magazines, reference, images, and websites, this makes it easy for us to get an assortment of sources on the same topic - which can be a good angle to teach students about credibility of those sources outside of the databases! -- Article by Elsa Ouvrard-Prettol

    New Class VR Training Dates:
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                 Thursday, January 17th
                 Friday, February 1st
                 Thursday, March 21st
                 Thursday, April 11th
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       Upcoming ERS Technology Classes with instructor Steve Woods
    Bring It All Together: Google Classroom             10/25          4:30pm - 7:30pm
    Web Design with Google Sites                            11/1            4:30pm - 7:30pm
                                  Get the Word Out with Blogger                          11/8            4:30pm - 7:30pm
                                  Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop                12/6            4:30pm - 7:30pm                        

Letters About Literature
, a Library of Congress national writing competition sponsored by the California School Library Association, is happy to announce the California State winners for 2018. This program asks young people to write to an author about how his or her work affected their lives.

More than 2200 California young readers participated in Letters About Literature, which aims to instill a lifelong love of reading in California’s children and to engage and nurture their passion for literature. The contest is supported in California by the California School Library Association, schools, teachers, librarians, parents, and other organizations.

This year’s winners come from throughout the state. They wrote to authors as diverse as Dr. Seuss, Angie Thomas, George Orwell, Eddie Huang, and Sandra Cisneros. Interested in participating with your state in 2019? Click here or on the right to learn more.

Click here to meet the 2018 winners and read their letters.

2019 Letters About Literature Official Rules and Information 

Video introduction to
Letters About Literature:


                                                                                                                      by Nathan Wills, Library Media Technician

SIRS Issues Researcher

We’re continuing to highlight the amazing resources available in the ERS Portal through ProQuest and the California State Library. This month, we look at one of our 6
th-12th grade resources, SIRS Issues Researcher!

SIRS Issues Researcher delivers pro and con articles on today’s complex social issues with relevant, credible information that tells the whole story on the major questions of the day. Students and teachers alike can go in depth into any one of more than 345+ critical, current, and enduring social issues. Analysis and opinions are hand selected from thousands of national and international sources such as newspaper & magazine articles, websites, videos, multimedia graphics, charts, maps, statistics, primary sources and government documents. In today’s world, it’s important to realize that it isn’t usually as simple as pro vs con; SIRS Issues Researcher shows students the range of viewpoints they must learn to navigate as they encounter them in life. Use this research in your ELA classes for persuasive and argumentative writing. 

For more information on utilizing SIRS Issues Researcher, click here!


In the It’s a Wildlife, Buddy! series young readers follow whimsical characters around the globe in fun-to-read stories that teach about animal behavior and fundamental life lessons. Students go directly to the source to learn about hibernation from Mattie the Polar Bear or get diet tips from Josh the Anteater.

Books in this series:

  • Ben the Beaver
  • Bob the Penguin
  • Buster the Kangaroo
  • Celia the Tiger
  • Harry the Wolf
  • Josh the Anteater
  • Lizzie the Elephant
  • Mattie the Polar Bear

Interest Level: K - 3rd



Building Blocks of Mathematics is a fun series of mathematics books from World Book! Quirky characters drawn in comic-book style introduce basic mathematics concepts in this six-volume series. Story problems help students develop a fundamental understanding of mathematical operations and teach students techniques for solving real-life math problems.

Books in this series:

  • Addition
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Multiplication
  • Numbers
  • Subtraction

 Interest Level: 3rd - 5th



From papyrus to computers, from mud and brick to steel and glass, each volume in World Book's A Timeline Of series traces the history of some of humanity's greatest achievements. Designed for young readers, these richly illustrated books feature graphical timelines and curious facts following developments in communication, medicine, space research, and much more.

Books in this series:

  • Adobe Shelters to Steel Skyscrapers
  • Counting Pebbles to Writing Code
  • Foraging to Supermarkets
  • Hieroglyphics to Hypertext:
  • Leeches to Lasers
  • Smoke Signals to Smartphones
  • Stargazing to Space Travel
  • Wooden Spears to Military Drones
 Interest Level: 5th - 8th

Junior High

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It's an opportunity to focus and raise awareness with your students on bullying. More than one in every five students has reported being bullied. Bullying directly affects a student's ability to learn. A website with more information and resources is www.stopbullying.gov and also www.pacer.org. You can also log in to the ERS Portal and go to our Follett Destiny online catalog, type the word "bullying" in the keyword search box and get a list of materials, like the ones below, available in our library for checkout.

LMN Meetings are a bi-monthly gathering of Tulare & Kings County schools' library personnel with an emphasis on collabortation, communication, and creativity. These meetings are dedicated to library development, exploring technology, discovering how to best use the ERS Portal resources, and how to utilize all ERS Library resources to support your campus.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 5th. If you haven't joined us previously, please contact Sara Torabi.


                                                                                                           by Doug Cairns, Instructional Technology Specialist

Teach coding and robotics with Sphero!

Did you know that robotics kits foster foundational concepts and practices found in the newly adopted California Computer Science Standards? Or that the ERS Library has Sphero Robots you can check out for your classroom? Our answer to both of these questions is "Yes!" There are twelve Spheros (available in three sets of four) that can be checked out in two week increments. These are a great way to introduce your students in grades K through 12 to coding and robotics.

These softball sized robot balls utilize an App that can be installed on
Apple iOS, Mac OSX, Android, and ChromeOS. (You read that right!!! Chromebooks are supported) Inside the app or through the Sphero website you can view all of the activities available.

If you want to take Sphero to the next level try
Swift Playgrounds on iOS. Sphero and Apple have teamed up to create the Sphero Arcade. With lots of additional lessons available through the Swift Playgrounds App you will have more than enough to keep your students busy.

Additionally Facebook announced a new initiative called
CodeFWD. This free online resource targets kids in 4th through 8th grades. With an “I Do, We Do, You Do” model CodeFWD is designed to get students and educators with no prior knowledge of coding up and running quickly and easily utilizing Sphero robots.

Log in to the ERS Portal and click on the Follett Destiny online catalog to request Sphero's for your classroom. With plenty of resources to help get you started these are sure to be a hit with your students.

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