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LMN meetings are a bi-monthly gathering of Tulare & Kings County schools’ library personnel with an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and creativity. These meetings are dedicated to school library development and awareness of current trends in school library practices that help library staff support the faculty & students at their campus.

LMN 2019-20 Meeting Dates
September 16
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Elderwood Room, ERS

November 4
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Elderwood Room, ERS

January 27
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Elderwood Room, ERS

March 16
Elderwood Room, ERS

May 11
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Elderwood Room, ERS



LMN 2018-19 Agendas

September 17
November 5

January 28

March 18

May 13

If you have not previously attended an

LMN Meeting and would like to join us,
please email Sara Torabi.




April 3, 2020 LMN Community Zoom

Click here to view the meeting video

4/3/2020 Slideshow:
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On Friday, March 27 the ERS Library team hosted a virtual Zoom meeting for any Tulare & Kings County School Library Staff who were available to join us from 9am-10am. It was wonderful to "see" everyone and catch up! There was also a lot of productive conversation on how we can all best support our schools during this unprecedented time. We hope to see even more friendly faces at our next Zoom meeting.

Virtual LMN Zoom

~ Library Staff Ideas from 3.27.20 LMN Zoom ~

  • Teacher/Staff Parade in the neighborhood
  • Helping with lunch distribution
  • Creating bookmarks for kids around social emotional topics and adding to lunch bags when they come with parents to pick up.
  • Kids are allowed to reserve books through the online library system and Roxanne delivers to kids during lunch distribution. Kristi is communicating with her administration about the possibility of book distribution as well.
  • Create and checkout books to an “emergency closure patron” account. Select books that need extra attention (or even ones that have been withdrawn) and give to families when they come to get lunches - check with principal beforehand, as some books will likely not be returned. 
  • Teddy Bear Hunts in the neighborhood
  • Sidewalk chalk with positive messages
  • Matthew in Earlimart is connecting with his students via Class DoJo
  • For students without Internet: have their parents Contact Comcast/Xfinity for low cost ($10) access.
  • Xbox & PlayStation gaming consoles have built-in browsers, as do Smart TVs. Students without laptops/desktops/tablets might be able to use these devices to access the internet. 
  • Other Ideas for internet access:
    • Amazon Fire Stick -$40
    • Amazon Fire Tablet -$50
    • Chromebooks (for those with financial  means) -$200
  • Zoom meeting feedback:
    • More meetings; weekly check-ins with questions.
    • Join a meeting only as you like.

Friday, March 13, 2020 update -- 

Good Morning Tulare & Kings County Library Staff,

Considering the current public health concern our March 16 LMN meeting has been postponed.

While we will not be able to learn together face to face, you can preview the slide deck for fabulous topics and ideas prepared for you!

Topics include…
“Celebrating Our School Libraries” LMN Brag Deck by Sara Torabi
Census 2020
Annual School Library Survey
Data gathering for end of year reports
National Poetry Month library activity
Rawhide Baseball Reading Program & Activities

For our contracting schools, please remind your teaching staff that the ERS Library portal has digital resources for student and parent use at home. eBooks, streaming videos, educational gaming environments to mention a few! Perfect for parents who chose to keep their child out of school during uncertain times.

The ERS Library Staff looks forward to welcoming you to our last meeting of the 2019-2020 school year on Monday, May 11 in the Elderwood Room at Doe Ave.

Stay Healthy!

Thank you-debra

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