lmn6010d55266c8684f8940ff0000221831Welcome to the LMN section of the ERS Portal! Here we'll provide resources in support of our Library Multimedia Network meetings including agendas, presentations, links to the meeting feedback form and more. 

LMN meetings are a bi-monthly gathering of Tulare & Kings County schools’ library personnel with an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and creativity. These meetings are dedicated to school library development and awareness of current trends in school library practices that help library staff support the faculty & students at their campus.

LMN 2019-20 Meeting Dates
September 16
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Elderwood Room, ERS

November 4
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Elderwood Room, ERS

January 27
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Elderwood Room, ERS

March 16
Elderwood Room, ERS

May 11
Elderwood Room, ERS



LMN 2018-19 Agendas

September 17
November 5

January 28

March 18

May 13

If you have not previously attended an

LMN Meeting and would like to join us,
please email Sara Torabi.




Zoom 2020.5.29

May 29, 2020 LMN Community Zoom Group Picture

5/29/2020 Slideshow:
NOTE: If there is a problem getting a link within the slideshow to open directly, please right click on the desired link and select "Open in New Tab".
LMN Zoom meeting archives:
Meeting 1: Friday, March 27 Google Doc
Meeting 2: Friday, April 3 Slideshow
Meeting 3: Friday, April 17 Slideshow
Meeting 4: Friday, May 1 Slideshow
Meeting 5: Friday, May 15 Slideshow

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