Locating high quality, age appropriate, digital resources for your virtual classroom this fall just got easier!
The ERS Library Staff is excited to offer a CheckThisOut! Digital Resource curation service. When you sign-up for only the *Digital Resources from the ERS Portal* option (see image at left), you will receive an email each month containing links to standards-aligned digital resources from Discovery Education Streaming Video, TeachingBooks, World Book & Britannica Encyclopedias, ProQuest’s Culture Grams, SIRS Discoverer and eLibrary, Opposing Viewpoints and others. The ERS Library’s digital resources support learning in grades K-12.

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The ERS Library & Multimedia Center offers its FREE CheckThisOut! service to our Library Media Services contracted sites; all staff members at these locations are invited to participate annually. Participants will receive up to 8 monthly CheckThisOut! kits containing materials specially selected from our collection, including: fiction/non-fiction books, graphic novels, book kits (8-30 copies of same title), big books, Professional Development titles, online content from the ERS Portal**, and more. Kit size options include:

4-6 item kit                 Material types, grade, reading level and topic customization.
8-10 item kit               Material types, grade, reading level and topic customization.
Class Library kit          30 random books w/ grade & reading level customization. NO topics.
NO KIT                        For months when you don't want a kit delivered.

Our "Class Library" CTO! kits are a selection of 30 randomfiction & non-fiction books that correlate with both the grade level and class reading level that you request. We do not offer customization by Material Type or Lesson Plan with "Class Library" kits, they are random single-copy books only. 
Our staff can accommodate "Class Library" kit requests for 24 teachers per month. Once those spots are full, the "Class Library" option will be removed from the CTO! sign up form.

CTO! customization is by topic/subject only. Kits are assembled 1-2 days before being delivered; the materials included are selected from what is available in the ERS Library at that time. If you want a specific title, you will need to reserve that item via our Follett Destiny online catalog. 

How CheckThisOut! works

Sign up at any time during the school year and once a month the ERS Library Team will curate a kit of materials especially for you & your students, then deliver the kit to you (physically or virtually) We'll include extras like TeachingBooks flyers with links to lesson plans & author interviews, and links to extra content on the ERS Portal. Look the materials over, share them with your students and use them to support classroom or virtual lessons. At the end of four weeks, place the CTO! kit back in the designated location and request a pickup. Our Library Media Technicians will collect the old kit and drop off a new one! Digital resource links sent via email are yours to keep.

Kits are delivered on preset dates in August through November, and January through April. The confirmation email you receive after signing up will list the exact dates of your CTO! kit deliveries for the school year. Delivery and return dates are also noted on the packing sheet that comes with each kit. Please note: December and May are PICKUP ONLY months - all physical materials need to be returned to the library before winter & spring breaks.


The Friday mornings before your kits are due you will receive an automated “ERS Library -- Items Due Next Week” email. You must reply to this email. If you are done with the kit, reply with the word “PICKUP”. If you would like to keep the kit a while longer, the reply word is “RENEW”. A member of the ERS Library Staff will respond to your request with pickup confirmation, the new due date for your kit, or to let you know if any items must come back because they have been reserved by other educators. 

When returning kits, be sure that they are in place for pickup by 9:00am on your assigned delivery/pickup day. If your items are due, but not in place for pickup you will receive an auto-generated overdue notice on the following Friday afternoon. Our drivers try to avoid interrupting teachers during class time to locate materials and will only do so if there is an item that is needed by another client. Your next kit will still arrive on its scheduled delivery date. Not sure which delivery day your campus is assigned? Click here. The ERS Library does reserve the right to place a “Hold” on your CTO! deliveries if items are excessively overdue or you are in possession of more than two Class Library kits.


CTO! Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?

  • When can I sign up?

  • Do I have to sign up for CTO! to access the ERS Library's circulating collection?

  • Do I need to sign up every school year to participate?

  • Can I request specific titles/items?

  • I'm not certain of everything that is in the ERS Library collection, how can I be sure I'm not missing anything?

  • My lesson plans changed, can I update my requests?

  • My requests don't quite fit my assigned CTO! delivery dates, how can I fix this?

  • I'd like more/fewer resources or to put my kits on hold for a month. How do I do this?

  • I requested Christmas materials for my 8-10 item December kit, but when it arrived there were 2-3 Christmas items and the rest of the kit was “random”… why?

  • Will the ERS Library email me a list of what is being delivered ahead of time?

  • How will I know when my items have been delivered?

  • How do I know when my items are due?

  • There is an item listed on my checkout receipt that is not in my kit. What should I do?

  • I put my kit in the pickup spot and a week later it's still there. What do I do?

  • Can I lend items from the kit to my students? What if they damage/lose something?



  What past participants
      have to say about 

“It is a fabulous service that will provide you with materials for your units of study, or just a random sampling of high interest books for your class.”
--Teacher,Castle Rock Elementary School
I encourage every teacher at our school to use this service."
-- Teacher, TOWANITS School

"I would tell them that they definitely should do it! It takes such a short amount of time to sign up and gives you an years worth of surprises! "
-- Teacher, Waukena School

“CheckThisOut! is an invaluable resource that can enrich your classroom with quality pieces of literature delivered right to your site each month. This service has allowed me to expand my balanced literacy program. My learners and I have both benefited from this wonderful teaching resource. ” 
-- Teacher, Reagan Elementary School (Lindsay)

“It is like Christmas every month! 😁” 
-- Parent, Eleanor Roosevelt CLC

“I would say 'Give it a try. It only takes a few minutes to set up at the beginning of the year. Then you can just enjoy having what you need for the entire year without thinking about it. I've done it for about three years and have never regretted it!'” 
-- Teacher, Kings River Elementary School

“This is an awesome service that provides diversity and inspiration in books for students. It also provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to have access to professional development books!” 
-- Teacher, Pixley Middle School

"I LOVED it! It was so nice to have something automated that I didnt have to think of... my items just showed up curated just for me and it was great!"

-- Teacher, Kennedy Elementary School (Lindsay)

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