Contracting with the ERS Library          

The ERS Library offers two types of contracts for school districts and/or individual schools: the 
Library Media Services contract and the Portal Only contract.  While the level of service differs between these contracts, the annual cost for each is based on the current school year's ADA (Average Daily Attendance). 

The ERS Library also has contract options available for Individual Teachers and Home School Families.

For more information on contracts, please email

Included in the Library Media Services contract:

ERS Teacher Portal, Kids Portal & Teen Portal

The pre-login ERS Portal is a fantastic place to learn about the services and upcoming events provided by the ERS Library, including: CheckThisOut!, Bookmarked (the ERS Library newsletter), Library Multimedia Network (LMN), the Teacher Resource Center (TRC), and more! From there, the Portal becomes one of three interfaces that provide complete access to California State Standards correlated, grade-level appropriate, premium online content with a single login. Click here to learn more about the Teacher Portal, Kids Portal and Teen Portal.

ERS Portal Presentation
Each contracting site is allotted one annual on-site ERS Portal Presentation. This 60-90 minute presentation is the best way to (re)introduce school staff to the ERS Portals and the Follett Destiny online catalog. A member of the ERS Library team will visit your campus to demonstrate how to search for resources in the Portal, ways to integrate online content into curriculum, updates and improvements from the past year and also answer any questions the school staff have regarding the ERS Library, Teacher Portal, Kids Portal & Teen Portal. Presenters are available Monday - Friday between the hours of 9:00am - 4:00pm. Accommodations can be made outside those hours with advance notice.

ERS Library Circulating Collection & Delivery/Pickup Services
Through our online Follett Destiny catalog, teachers at Library Media Services
 contracting schools can request anything from our collection of over 27,000 carefully selected fiction/non-fiction books, Spanish language materials, robotics kits, DVDs, book kits (8-30 copies of same title), big books, puppets, art prints, realia kits and more. The materials selected are then delivered to the school site on the weekly delivery day of the teacher's choice. Pickup of ERS Library items ready for return is also included in the contract and easy to arrange. 

In-person access to the ERS Library and Multimedia Center is available year-round: Monday thru Friday from 8:00am -5:00pm, with the exception of TCOE observed holidays. 2017-18 ERS Calendar

Another exciting option for contracting school staff is our CheckThisOut! Library Multimedia Subscription Service, which includes resources from both our circulating collection and online portals. Click here to learn more!

FREE Technology Day
As part of your Library Media Services contract, each contracting campus receives a free on-site Technology (Tech) Day. This day, with a maximum of 6 hours (two 3-hour session), is led by one of our Instructional Technology Specialists and valued at $975.00 or more! With the exception of our new “Train the Trainers” workshops the Tech Day cannot be split, so plan for either a full day with a morning and an afternoon session, or two concurrent 3-hour sessions in a half-day period of time. Click here to view the 2017-18 Tech Day Catalog.

Library Multimedia Network (LMN) Meetings
School library personnel from all contracting sites are invited to participate in the ERS Library & Multimedia Center’s bi-monthly Library Multimedia Network meetings dedicated to school library development, exploring technology and discovering how to best use the ERS Portal resources. Click here to learn more about LMN.

Librarian of Record
The ERS Library Media Supervisor is a credentialed librarian and holder of the Library Media Teacher Services Credential. This allows her/him to serve as the “Librarian of Record” for any Library Media Services contracting district/school that does not employ a credentialed librarian. Ed Code 44868 allows a DISTRICT/SCHOOL to employ non-credentialed personnel to assist in the provision of school library services, however these individuals do not supersede the Ed Code requirement that a credentialed librarian provide oversight of school library services. This agreement further fulfills the district/school obligation under Education Code, sections 18100 and 18120. A district/school is in compliance with the law when it contracts for library services with the Tulare County Office of Education's ERS Library for the services of a credentialed librarian.

Teacher Resource Center
The ERS Library's Teacher Resource Center (TRC) is home to both B&W and Color copiers, laminators (27" & 42"), a poster printer, 1" and 3" button makers, a comb binding machine and our collection of over 1000 die-cut blocks. While the TRC is open to the public, staff members from Library Media Services contracting sites pay a reduced fee for printing, copying, and laminating. and have free use of the die-cuts if they bring in their own paper. Click here for more about the TRC.

Included in the Portal Only contract:

ERS Teacher Portal, Kids Portal & Teen Portal
Districts/schools who prefer a Portal Only contract receive unlimited access to the ERS Teacher Portal and Kids/Teen Portal appropriate for their site.

ERS Portal Presentation
Portal Only contracting sites are allotted one annual on-site Portal Presentation.

Library Multimedia Network (LMN) Meetings

School library personnel from each Portal Only contracting site are invited to participate in the ERS Library & Multimedia Center’s Library Multimedia Network meetings.

Contracts are also available for:

Individual Teachers
An Individual Teacher contract allows that teacher to check out media from the library's circulating collection on a walk-in basis.

Home School Families
Contracting Home School families have access to the ERS Library's circulating collection as well as the ERS Teacher Portal and a 10% discount on any TRC purchases.

For more information about ERS Library contracts, please call Sara Torabi at (559) 651-3031 or email her at

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