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We are proud to introduce our updated library multimedia portal system.  Using the menu above or by clicking on links or advertisements throughout the portal, you'll find information on the valuable services we offer, resources for teachers and librarians, student events and more.

We've integrated our Teachers portal and are working on integrating the Kids and Teens Portal systems into this interface.  You'll find links to them all listed under the Multimedia Portals tab.  We continue to add great open sourced resources which your students can enjoy, contracting or not.  Along with these services are our incredibly valuable premium multimedia resources -- including Discovery Education, World Book Online, Education City and more. 

For more information on contracting for premium content, contact Shelley Chappell at shelleyc@ers.tcoe.org or call (559) 651-3042.

Shelley Chappell
Library Program Manager

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Library Status Update:

We are currently transitioning from our old L4U online library catalog to the new, improved Follett Destiny library system.  We're very excited about all of the new features in Destiny, including standards-based search and thousands of linked websites.  We're almost finished!

To ease the transition, we've turned off online booking of media items in L4U.  If you find something in L4U that you'd like to check out, please either call us at (559) 651-3031 or email us with the booking information.

Posters for purchase!

r creative team is always coming up with new standards-based posters that support your classroom curriculum.  Please download our ever-expanding catalog of posters, all available at incredible prices.  

Interested in designing your own poster? Read through the information in our Poster Printing brochure.  Following the tips included will help you get the best looking poster possible.

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