TCOE's ERS Library & Multimedia Center is offering a new FREE service to the teachers & staff of our contracting schools.

Sign up for Check This Out!, and once a month our ERS Library Team will select 8 - 10 media items especially for you, then deliver them to your campus. We'll even include extras like Teaching Books flyers with links to lesson plans & author interviews, along with links to extra content in the ERS Portal. Look the materials over, share them with your students and, if you choose, rate/review them in our Follett Destiny online catalog.

Each month we'll stop at your campus to pick up the old materials, and drop off a new set of interesting items to discover and use with your class. Drop off/pick up dates will be provided with each kit.

This subscription service is available during the months of September - May.

You may sign up at any time using this online form, and can cancel your subscription by emailing:

This is a new FREE supplemental service we’re offering, to introduce you to materials you might not discover on your own. You may continue to place regular multimedia bookings on other materials as you please.

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Create Interactive Presentations with Discovery's Board Builder Tool 

Did you know that you and your students can create vibrant multimedia presentations using a simple tool built-in to Discovery Education?  With Discovery's Board Builder tool, you or your students can choose a theme, add videos from Discovery, and add images and links.

Why be stuck presenting with PowerPoint, when there's another free multimedia tool you can introduce into your classroom?

To access Board Builder, login to ERSPortal and click on Discovery Education.  Under the Builder Tools section of Discovery Education, you should find the Board Builder.  Name it, choose a theme, and get started creating your next great presentation!

If you don't know your ERSPortal login, please feel free to email Steve Woods and let him know which contracting campus you belong to.  

Here's a list of 50 Ways to Use Board Builder, to help you get ideas.  Note:  You must be logged in to Discovery Education to view the boards.

Destiny's One Search - A One-Stop Multimedia Shop!

Did you know that Follett Destiny, our new online library multimedia system, allows you to search not only our library shelves, but also websites and even our premium media.  Using One Search, Discovery Education, Worldbook, Teaching Books and other premium media sources can be searched by the same keywords you use to find books, book kits and more.  

Want to give One Search a try?  Login to the ERSPortal system, click on Destiny, and perform a search.  Then click on the One Search tab to see what's out there to support your 21st Century curriculum!

Visit our multimedia portals!

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Posters for purchase!

r creative team is always coming up with new standards-based posters that support your classroom curriculum.  Please download our ever-expanding catalog of posters, all available at incredible prices.  

Interested in designing your own poster? Read through the information in our Poster Printing brochure.  Following the tips included will help you get the best looking poster possible.

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