The ERS Library & Multimedia Center offers its FREE CheckThisOut! service to our Library Media Services contracted sites; all staff members at these locations are invited to participate annually. Participants will receive up to 8 monthly CheckThisOut! kits containing materials selected from our circulating collection such as: fiction/non-fiction books, graphic novels, book kits (8-30 copies of same title), DVDs, art prints, puppets, big books, Professional Development titles, realia kits, online content, and more.

New for 2018-19!!! We're adding "Class Library" as a kit size option for CTO!
"Class Library" kits are a random selection of 30 fiction & non-fiction books that correlate with both the grade level and class reading level range that you request. Note: We do not offer customization by Material Type or Lesson Plan with the "Class Library" kits, they are random single-copy books only. We can accommodate "Class Library" kit requests for 12 teachers per month. Once those spots are full, the "Class Library" option will be removed from kit size sections of the CTO! sign up form.

How CheckThisOut! works

Sign up at any time during the school year and once a month our ERS Library Team will curate a random or customized kit of 4 - 10 items especially for you, then deliver them to your campus. We'll include extras like Teaching Books flyers with links to lesson plans & author interviews, and links to extra content on the ERS Portal. Look the materials over, share them with your students and, if you choose, rate/review them in our Follett Destiny online catalog. When you are done, place the kit back in the drop spot, request a pickup and our driver will return the items to the ERS Library. Your next kit will be delivered as scheduled.

Drop off/pick up dates for the year will be provided once we process your registration and noted on the packing slip that comes with each kit. The first round of kits go out in August, with subsequent deliveries in September, October & November. December is a Pickup Only month for CTO! (materials can still be reserved for delivery via the Follett Destiny online catalog). CTO! deliveries resume in January and continue through February, March and April. May is another Pickup Only month as we work to get all materials returned to the Library before summer break

To request a PICKUP or RENEW your kit --- The Friday before your kit is due you will receive an automated “ERS Library -- Items Due Soon” email. You must reply to this email. If you are done with the kit, reply with the word “PICKUP”. If you would like to keep the kit a while longer, your reply word is “RENEW”. A member of our team will reply to your request, either by confirming the pickup day or with your new due date.  Your next kit will still arrive on its scheduled drop off date. Note: All returning items need to be placed in your site’s designated location by 8:30am on your assigned day. Not sure which day your campus is assigned? Click here.

                               - - - - - - - - - - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - - - - - - - - - -

 is a free supplemental service that we offer to introduce you to materials you might not discover on your own. It is NOT intended to replace the checkout of materials via our Follett Destiny online library catalog.

Participation in CTO! does not carry over from school year to school year, participants will need to sign up annually to receive this service. 

Have your lesson plans changed? Does your assigned CTO! delivery date fall after an event you originally requested materials for? Would you like to more/fewer resources or to put your kits on hold for a month? We’ve got that covered! To edit your CTO! preferences: Click on the CTO! registration link above. Since you have already registered, this will now display the “You've already responded” page which contains an “edit your original response” link . Click this and you’ll be back in the form with your original responses visible. Changes must to be made prior to the date listed in each month's description; any changes made after that date will not be recorded on the packing sheets for consideration when assembling your kit.

Customized kits are available by topic/subject only.  If you want to guarantee your checkout of a specific item or title you must reserve it via the Follett Destiny online catalog. CTO! kits are assembled 1-2 days before delivery using what is available in the ERS Library at that time. If you request a specific title via CTO! and it is already reserved or checked out to someone else, we will not be able to send it to you. 

While we do our best to include several items that support your curriculum in the kits you choose to customize, fulfillment of specific requests is based upon availability. FOR EXAMPLE: if you request seasonal/holiday/high demand materials, supply is limited and you may receive 1-2 items or possibly nothing on that topic if everything is checked out. If necessary, your kit will be completed with other items from the circulating collection.

And finally... if we feel that they fit the lesson ideas/topics you mention when customizing your kits, you may occasionally receive material types that you didn't request when signing up for CTO!

The final CheckThisOut! kits for 2017-18
will be delivered between April 10 & 26.

Signups for the 2018-19 CheckThisOut!
will begin on Monday, July 2nd, 2018.
Check this spot for the link to the signup form!

        What our 2016-17 
    participants said about

“It is so helpful. It provides tools for your unit you had not thought of using. More should try it.”
– Teacher, Sierra Vista High School

“CheckThisOut, is like a Christmas treat. I love opening the selection that the team picks out for my class. It is fun to see books that I might not have been exposed to before. I love that this is a resource for me!” 
– Teacher, Three Rivers Elementary School

“It's an awesome resource to get more books into your students hands that you don't have to go find. You can customize the kits to what theme/concept you are teaching each month. I highly recommend it to others.” 
– Teacher, Castle Rock Elementary School

“A fantastic resource to supplement a classroom library, encourage student engagement and facilitate supportive literacy threads. The topics of interest made available by the ERS are broad and well researched; book titles are current; and the realia items always a hit with my students. The selection process, based upon my subject request, is consistently relevant to student interests. Even students who may not otherwise be inclined to read brighten at the availability of these items. I also appreciate the timely email reminders for renewal/due dates. Thank you!” 
– Museum Specialist, SCICON

“Hassle Free and EASY!!!” 
– Library Technician, Alila School

“My kids LOVED it when I walked into class with a bag from the ERS Library!!! They would practically run to my table to check out the assortment of books and kits.” 
– Teacher, Buena Vista School

“I would describe it as an excellent resource for your classroom. It allows you to check out books that your school library may not carry or have in abundance.” 
– Teacher, Golden Valley School

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